The Value of Green Certification

Free video presentation outlining 7 compelling reasons to become a green certified hotel. 

As awareness of environmental issues and concerns become more and more mainstream, consumer expectations for corporate responsibility are on the rise.  Studies and surveys of traveler sentiments reveal a growing suspicion relating to hotel green initiatives.  Yet, hoteliers are reluctant to pursue third-party green certifications, citing too many obstacles and not enough data to support the ROI for certification.  While measuring the ROI of green certification may not be as easy to calculate as other green projects and retrofits, there are seven specific benefits of green certification that lead directly to the money.


Bottom Line Sustainability

Taking a look at sustainability as a business strategy, in addition to a CSR initiative.

The bottom line is that profit is an important part of the triple bottom line.  Businesses need to look at sustainable practices as an overall long-term strategy that will increase profits and keep the business healthy and strong in the years to come.