steps4Steps to Certification is a complete training method for hotels that are striving to achieve Green Seal™ Certification.  The program takes the GS-33 Standard for Lodging Properties and divides it into sections by department:

    1. Executive/Administrative
    2. Engineering
    3. Housekeeping
    4. Food and Beverage
    5. Offices
    6. Purchasing

Each department manager is given an Action Plan with 5-8 assignments that will meet a specific part of the GS-33 Standard.  Breaking down the standard in this manner allows for a manageable task list for each member of the Green Team, eliminating the scenario of an individual carrying the entire workload.

By assigning each department representative on your Green Team job-related tasks, you’ll find that not only can the certification be achieved in a reasonable time frame, but personal ownership of the project is enhanced, accountability increases, teamwork is fostered, and the accomplishment becomes a true testament to the contributions of each department.

Certification Steps Include:

Step 1 – Review the GS-33 Standard

Step 2 – Review the Steps to Certification E-Booklets

Step 3 – Write and implement Standard Operating Procedures

Step 4 – Train department staff on new procedures

Step 5 – Submit documentation to Green Seal

All the resources needed to complete these steps and more strategies for success are available at