Virtual Green Assistant

paid-Support-transOnce a hotel has attained Green Certification, it must maintain an ongoing focus of continuous improvement to monitor and measure the success of green initiatives. The Virtual Green Assistant Program was created to help hotels stay on track by assisting with the duties of regular reporting, internal and external communications, and activity reminders. The Virtual Green Assistant Program will ensure that your green goals do not fall by the wayside!

The program elements include:

Environmental Performance Reports

You provide monthly utility invoices for energy, water, waste and recycling volume (or provide access to online accounts), and receive an Environmental Performance Report and Analysis.

Energy Star Input

You provide access to your Energy Star Portfolio Manager account, and usage detail from utility invoices will be entered and regularly maintained.

Green Training Topic of the Month

You receive a one-page Green Training Topic each month to be used at departmental meetings.

Social Media Messages

You receive weekly messages suitable for social media posting relating to your green initiatives.

Green Team Meetings (quarterly)

  • Scheduling reminders to your Green Team or Green Team Leader
  • Prepare and distribute agendas
  • Prepare and distribute environmental performance reports
  • Provide reminders and “to-do” tasks to Green Team members
  • Provide employee engagement suggestions
  • Provide marketing and PR opportunities


For more information on the Virtual Green Assistant Program, Contact Julie.