TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders Program

TripAdvisors GreenLeadersTripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders Program Required Questions

The TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Program identifies hotels and B&Bs that are committed to green practices like recycling, water efficiency and alternative energy.  All hotels and B&Bs must apply and be accepted into the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Program, and qualify as a GreenLeader or GreenPartner.

Below you will find guidance and resources for meeting the seven Required Practices to qualify for the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Program.  For full explanation of the program, please refer to TripAdvisor’s Survey Guide.

R1A. Do you track energy on a regular (at least quarterly) basis? &

R1B. Which energy tracking system do you use?

A highly recommended way to track energy usage is through Energy Star Portfolio Manager.  This online tool is a very effective method for tracking electricity, gas and water usage.  Once the initial set up is complete, entering the data takes only a few minutes per month and provides great insight on energy and water consumption.  For information and to get started, visit the Energy Star website.

Alternatively, you can track utility usage in-house by using a simple spreadsheet.  This Excel form template will allow you to enter your data and view performance at a glance:  Environmental Performance Reports.

R2. Do you have a towel reuse plan in place, which includes housekeeper training, and periodic checks? &

R3. Do you have a linen reuse plan in place, which includes housekeeper training, and periodic checks?

While most hotels have implemented these programs, some do not have the programs outlined in writing.  This customizable Standard Operating Procedure can be used as a training document for staff and will outline how the program is communicated to guests and procedures for verifying staff compliance:  Towel & Linen Reuse Program SOP.

R4A. Do you have a recycling plan in place which recycles at least two type of waste, and includes staff training, and periodic checks? &

R4B. Please specify which materials you regularly recycle. &

R4C. Where is your recycling sorted (separated from trash)?

It is important to outline your recycling program in writing so that the elements are clear to all employees and so that it can be clearly communicated to guests.

Use this customizable Standard Operating Procedure to establish your recycling program in writing: Recycling Program SOP.

R5. Do you have staff training on understanding and implementing green practices, at least once a year? This should include front of house and back of house (e.g. housekeeping, maintenance) employees.

Training all staff is vital to the ongoing environmental performance of a green hotel.  Staff training programs that are specific to each department is available at Green Hotel Resources:

R6. Do you provide information for guests on your property’s green practices?

The easiest way to accomplish this is to place an insert in your guestroom directories explaining your hotel’s environmental initiatives.  Other methods include:

  • Tent cards in guestrooms
  • Public space signage
  • Reader board announcements
  • In-room TV messages
  • Wi-Fi landing page messages
  • Elevator signage
  • Website sustainability section

Resources can also be found at Energy Star: Energy Star Communications Toolkit.

R7. Are at least 75% of your interior light bulbs energy efficient, excluding specialized bulbs for historic lighting fixtures such as antique chandeliers?

Energy efficient lighting includes: LEDs, CFLs, and T5 and T8 fluorescent.  TripAdvisor provides a simple lighting efficiency calculator that will help you determine the percentage of efficient lighting in your hotel:  Lighting Efficiency Calculator.

It is important to conduct a lighting survey and maintain an inventory that is regularly updated.  Some lighting companies will conduct a lighting audit at no charge.  A lighting audit will identify where energy efficiency can be improved, will make recommendations for retrofits, and will provide a price quote for ordering and installation services.  Resources for finding energy efficiency programs that provide assistance and incentives can be found at Energy Star:  Directory of Energy Efficiency Programs